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TCRSF - Project in 5 Steps - 2020

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Doing a successful science project can be broken down into 5 steps. This will work for classes, science clubs & groups, and even students working on their own!

Science Fair in 5 Steps from the complete Mentor/Teacher Ken Mann's Science Fair Project Curriculum PDF book: click here for the complete PDF book

    Step 1 (PDF)
    Step 2 (PDF)
    Step 3 (PDF)
    Step 4 (PDF)
    Step 5 (PDF)

To supplement the start of your science fair season, consider watching the NASA videos: How To Do A Science Project video series by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology. This shows a step by step approach to doing a project. http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/education/sciencefair/

Teachers - If you have suggestions, hints, or handouts to contribute, please send an email to director@tcrsf.net. We would be happy to credit you on any of your original materials that you share.

Jodie Hardenbrook, of Odyssey Academy, Brooklyn Center, MN; developed a Science Inquiry Project Checklist. Jodi has granted us permission to share/use her form PDF or DOC (for editing).

Stephanie Lundorff, of Concordia Academy, Roseville, MN, developed a Project Timeline (DOC) and granted us permission to share her form.

Additional Forms and Information: (this section is being developed and will be updated as more becomes available)

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