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TCRSF Registration Summary - 2020

This is a test site. Any registrations are for test purposes only.

If you are familiar with ISEF Form 1, Form 1A, and Form 1B - Note that TCRSF is generates a TCRSF specific version of those forms. ISEF Forms 1, 1A, and 1B will not be accepted except for specific unusual circumstances. You will generate the TCRSF specific versions as part of the registration process. If you filled out these ISEF Forms prior to registration, enter the information into the TCRSF registration system.

The student portion of the registration system is managed by a single student. If this is a team, a lead student must be appointed to represent the team in the registration process. The registration process has the following steps:

  1. The teacher registers with TCRSF. The link for new teacher registration is under menu Teacher - Adult Sponsors - Register. This registration stays with TCRSF from year to year. It only needs to be completed once. Returning teachers can login under the menu Teacher - Adult Sponsors - Login. The students will enter their teacher in the registration process. If the Adult Sponsor is not the teacher, the student can add the Adult Sponsor in the registration process. See the Registration FAQ for how to process TCRSF Form 1 when the adult sponsor does not use their TCRSF to complete this form.

  2. The student completes the "Student Checklist (ISEF Form 1A information)" portion of the registration online. Information needed includes:
    • A unique email address for each student researcher.
    • The name, phone, and email address of each student's parent/legal guardian.
    • The name, phone, and email address of the adult sponsor and/or teacher. If they have pre-registered, the name can be selected from a list.
    • The name, phone, and postal address of the school. For schools that have previously participated, select the school from the list.
    • The actual start date of the experimentation.
    • The actual (or expected) end date of experimentation.
    • All locations of experimentation.
    • The link for student registration is under the menu item Students - Register.
    • After registering, the lead student may login to modify the registration or see registration progress under the menu item Students - Login.
  3. The Adult Sponsor/Teacher can see and modify the status of all their students' registrations online.

  4. The Adult Sponsor/Teacher must log in to electronically complete the Adult Sponsor Checklists for their students. The Adult Sponsor/Teacher must fill out the TCRSF Form 1 (online). This is the process of determining and documenting if any additional ISEF forms are required. Advanced students may complete this (under the student login) on behalf of the teacher, however the teacher / adult sponsor must approve the form. A paper copy of the ISEF Adult Sponsor Checklist (not the TCRSF Form 1) is not accepted except for special circumstances (See the Registration FAQ). The TCRSF Adult Sponsor Checklist (Form 1) must either be signed electronically online or manually signed and sent to TCRSF. If manually signed, the signature must that of the printed adult sponsor.

  5. The Research Plan must contain a risk assessment section. See Forms and Rules - Electronic SRC and Registration for details. The student has 2 options:
    • Download the Research Plan Template (in Microsoft Word Format). The appropriate sections and questions are filled in by the student from their original research plan. Be sure to include any changes between the original plan and what actually happened in the Research Plan Summary section. The form is saved in a PDF format and uploaded back to the registration system.
    • Add a Research Plan Summary section to the end of their original research plan, save as a PDF file, and upload the research plan to the web site.
  6. The student electronically enters the abstract text into registration system. Printed or scanned abstracts will not be accepted. The system will provide the ability to download the completed abstract as part of the electronic form set. Reminder - abstracts are limited to 250 words.

  7. When both the student and Adult Sponsor/Teacher have completed their registration tasks, either can download or email a form set. Either form set will have an instructions page specific to that project as the first page of the instruction set. The form set is not available for download (the menu item for it is hidden) until the electronic Form 1 has been completed. There are 2 different form sets available:

    1. The forms that require signatures. These must be signed and sent to TCRSF. This is often easier in tracking forms.
    2. The complete electronic form set. This is the complete electronic form set consisting of an instructions sheet, the TCRSF official abstract, Checklist for Adult Sponsor (Form 1), Student Checklist (Form 1A), Approval Forms (1B, there is one approval form per student), and TCRSF Form 1D (there is one Form 1D per student).

    Either form set will contain an instruction sheet of what forms need signing and where to send these forms. Print single-sided only on white paper. No duplex printing. No colored paper. No Staples - Paper clips only.

  8. Appropriate SRC forms (if required), TCRSF Adult Sponsor Checklist Form 1 (if manually signed), the signed authorization forms (Form 1B and Form 1D) and registrations fees made out to TCRSF (if the student has payment responsibility) are sent to TCRSF via US mail at:
    13570 Grove Drive #277
    Maple Grove, MN 55311

The student home page is the main status page entered when the student either registers or logs back into the system. This is where the student can track the registration process, identify what is missing, and where TCRSF may post questions during the review process. There is an associated teacher summary page for the teacher. These pages are where TCRSF will be posting any questions for the student or teacher.

TCRSF will receive registration questions at director@tcrsf.net or phone Timara Underbakke 763-577-1400 (hours vary but you can leave a message), and SRC questions at src@tcrsf.net.

See the menu item Forms and Rules - Electronic SRC and Registration for greater detail regarding SRC options and the SRC process.

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