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TCRSF Parent Tips / Parent Volunteers - 2020

This is a test site. Any registrations are for test purposes only.

The more independence you give your student in researching, planning, and executing their science project, the more the student will benefit from the process. Please make sure your student is following appropriate safety protocol during the process. Please also provide encouragement, materials needed, and support (such as rides to the library or a lab, access to reference materials or supplies).

We have provided a checklist for the student to guide them in doing their project and paper. You may find this list helpful to understanding the process of science fair.

Please review the Schedule pages that may apply to you or your student.

We have also provided a checklist for a suggested packing list to make sure the student remembers everything they need for the fair.

Does your student need to be there during the whole judging time (for their age)?
     YES. They will have opportunity to interact with several judges during the judging time. The students are expected to stay at their projects until their grade is dismissed over the sound system by the science fair.
What if the student has to go to the bathroom?
     Plan ahead so the student doesn’t have to leave during judging. However, if the student must go during judging, it is recommended that they leave a note on their display table saying “back in 5 minutes” and then STICK TO THAT TIME. Judges do not have enough time to keep checking back for the students that are not at their project.
What if the student gets hungry?
     The Fairgrounds Concessions group will sell food in the coliseum concourse. Students may only eat in the concourse or seats. No food or drink is allowed at their projects or anywhere on the show floor. Plan to be done eating before 4:00 p.m. and then wait until judging is completed for the student’s grade. If it is absolutely necessary to have a bite to eat, then the student may leave a note (see bathroom paragraph above) when they will return. It is STRONGLY recommended that the student eat before and after – not during – judging.
Does your student have special needs?
     Please email director@tcrsf.net with your name, the student’s name, grade in school, and project and tell us what the special need is.
May I look around at the projects while I wait? Or may I wait at my student’s exhibit?
     No. No one is allowed on the show floor on Friday during judging from about 3:55 p.m. until high school judging is completed for the night except for the student competitors (no friends or siblings who are not competing) and the registered judges. Parents who stay may wait in the seats next to the show floor or may wait in the concessions area in the concourse.

The best tip for parents is: Are you going to be waiting for your student during the judging? Do you realize that if you register to volunteer and work at least 3 hours on Friday afternoon or evening, that we provide a catered dinner for all volunteers? If you are going to be waiting anyway, consider the benefits of volunteering your time! Please see the Volunteers pages. Remember, we are an ALL_VOLUNTEER 501C3 educational non-profit.

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