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TCRSF Judge Registration - 2020

This is a test site. Any registrations are for test purposes only.

Research paper judges are needed to read & score online papers at their leisure anytime during February 7-17, 2020.

Project judges are needed Friday, February 28, 2020 (3:30-9:30 pm).

* marks required fields. The login information is the email address. There is not a separate username.

Judge Summary Information
Project Preference

Please check both if willing to judge either as needed.
We have many more middle school projects and your willingness
to help us is greatly appreciated.
Do not check either if only judging special awards (below).

Friday estimated arrival time.

Paper and General Preferences
      Parking is free at the new site
      If the above is checked, we will not send reminders this year

Judge Account and Contact Information
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Do not use overview groupings.
Experience and Disclosure
Number years judging science fairs
If you competed in science fairs as a student, did you complete in a school fair, TCRSF, another region, a state fair, JSHS regional, JSHS national, or ISEF?
Number years judging TCRSF
Are there any possible conflicts we need to avoid in judge assignments such as: Are you mentoring any projects? Are there any students competing who worked in your lab? Are you parents of any competitors? If yes, who, what grades, and what categories? If no, leave blank.

Judge Registration Questions? Contact us at Judging@tcrsf.net. Phone support is also available: Timara Underbakke 763-577-1400 (hours vary but you can leave a message).

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