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TCRSF Registration FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - 2020

This is a test site. Any registrations are for test purposes only.

  1. What if I need forms other than TCRSF Form 1, Form 1A, Form 1B, Form 1D, an Abstract, and a Research Plan?

    All other forms must be the standard ISEF paper forms. These additional forms must be mailed to TCRSF in the registration packet for the student(s) on white paper, single sided (no duplex printing).
  2. What if my adult sponsor is not my teacher and cannot complete/approve the TCRSF Form 1 online?

    There are situations where the adult sponsor is not available to create a TCRSF teacher account and complete or approve the TCRSF Form 1 online. If the adult sponsor has already completed a paper ISEF Form 1, the student enters that information into the online TCRSF Form 1 (so we have an electronic copy) and mails the paper ISEF Form 1 with the signature. TCRSF will transcribe the ISEF Form 1 into the TCRSF Form 1. If the adult sponsor has not completed the ISEF Form 1, the student (in collaboration with the adult sponsor) would fill out the TCRSF Form 1 online, print it, have the adult sponsor sign it, and mail that signed form to TCRSF.
  3. What if my Form 1B needs section 2a or section 2b filled out and signed?

    See the rules to determine if these sections require signatures. This only applies to projects requiring pre-approval. If the Form 1B sections 2a or 2b have not been filled out yet, print the TCRSF Form 1B and have the appropriate sections signed. If these sections have already been signed on an ISEF Form 1B, send the signed ISEF Form 1B and TCRSF will transcribe that information into the TCRSF Form 1B.
  4. Why is TCRSF requiring electronic SRC forms (for abstract, research plan, form 1, form 1A, form 1B, and form 1D)?

    Every year our volunteers work diligently to complete the SRC review on all our projects (usually over 600) before the fair. The key documentation we require to start the process is the research plan and the Form 1. One of the goals of the TCRSF electronic forms is to provide the Form 1 to our evaluators sooner, and to make that form available to all the reviewers online.
  5. How do I complete and sign the Form 1 for my students' projects?

    Teachers create an account on TCRSF before the students register. The student selects that teacher during the registration process. When the teacher logs into TCRSF, there are options to view their students' project or paper registration. Selecting the projects option will bring up a list of the projects assigned to that teacher or adult sponsor, including some basic summary information. The top of that page has a link to provide more instructions if needed. To work with a specific project, click on the link on the left side of their name. Then select the "Sign / Manage Electronic Form 1" option. Be sure to select the "Submit and Electronically Sign" button on the bottom of the page when done.
  6. How do I access my teacher account if my students created an account for me during the registration process?

    The teacher login process has an option to email your password to you. After receiving the temporary password you can log in and change the password to something more appropriate.

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