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TCRSF Teacher / Adult Sponsor Registration - 2020

This is a test site. Any registrations are for test purposes only.

By registering as a teacher/adult sponsor with TCRSF, we will be able to provide you timely information regarding the registration and SRC processing of your students. You will be able to access reports regarding the status of your students and participate in the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) process. As an adult sponsor, you will electronically sign the Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1) form.

If you find your email address is already registered, it is possible that a student added you as a teacher or adult sponsor during their project registration process. If that is the case, a random password was created. You may go to the login menu item, recover that password, log in, and change your password.

Teacher / Adult Sponsor Account
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Questions? Contact us at director@tcrsf.net. Phone support is also available: Timara Underbakke 763-577-1400 (hours vary but you can leave a message).

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