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TCRSF Judging Guidelines - 2020

This is a test site. Any registrations are for test purposes only.

Whether you are a seasoned judge with TONS of experience, a former science fair competitor, or a first-time science fair judge, we encourage you to read our:

Science Fair Notes for Judges

Our judge scoring sheet is consistent with ISEF’s (International Science and Engineering Fair) judging criteria (scoring rubric). Although some of the items on the score sheet are different, the total is still 100 points per project. See the Judging Criteria page to see the score sheet.

We have a judge training power point for judges:


We have prepared a (printable) list of possible questions you could ask the students. Of course you will not ask ALL the questions of any projects, but it is nice to have a pool of questions to pull from just in case you find the need. The list is two pages, 14 point type.

Question Pool for Judging Science Fair Projects

Remember, your job is to CHOOSE the BEST and ENCOURAGE the REST.

The judge is to be a:

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