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TCRSF Combined Electronic SRC and Registration - 2020

This is a test site. Any registrations are for test purposes only.

SRC Overview

If you are familiar with ISEF Form 1, Form 1A, and Form 1B - Note that TCRSF is generating a TCRSF specific version of those forms this year. ISEF Forms 1, 1A, and 1B will not be accepted except for specific unusual circumstances. You will generate the TCRSF specific versions as part of the registration process.

If you have only a research paper and are not registering a project, you will find your Form 1D in the Display Paper Instructions tab on the student home page.

As a science fair affiliated with the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and Broadcom MASTERS, we follow their rules and requirements. The purpose of these rules is to:

All projects that participate in TCRSF require prior approval from a parent/legal guardian and an adult sponsor. Additionally, the adult sponsor must verify (prior to experimentation) that the project meets the ISEF rules as well as federal, state, and local laws. The SRC process is used to document that prior approval and review.

The TCRSF registration system asks the student and teacher/adult sponsor questions. Based upon the answers, the 5 basic forms (required for every project) are automatically filled out and made available for download. See the Forms and Rules - Registration Summary section for details about this process. The 5 basic forms are:

  1. TCRSF Official Abstract - one per project
  2. TCRSF Checklist for Adult Sponsor (Form 1) - one per project
  3. TCRSF Student Checklist (Form 1A) - one per project
  4. TCRSF Approval Form (Form 1B) - one per each student
  5. TCRSF Student Permission and Liability Release Agreement (Form 1D) - one per each student

The student(s) and the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must sign the downloaded Form 1B and Form 1D. The signature name must match the name printed on the forms. The Teacher/Adult Sponsor electronically signs the Form 1 online or signs the printed Form 1 and include it in the forms sent to TCRSF. When the Teacher and Adult Sponsor are not the same person, the Adult Sponsor may manually sign the Form 1. Other substitute forms (for the 5 basic forms listed above), including ISEF forms, are not accepted except under unusual situations. Contact TCRSF to discuss any unusual situations. Save all ISEF forms you may have already created, but generate TCRSF forms for these 5 basic forms. See the Registration FAQ for details regarding additional signatures (if needed) on sections 2a or 2b of the Form 1B.

Additional ISEF forms may be required if the project contains any of the following: Humans; Vertebrate Animals; Potential Hazardous Biological Agents (PHBA) such as Microorganisms, rDNA, and/or tissues; or situations that expose the student to risks beyond their ordinary every day experiences. The TCRSF Checklist for Adult Sponsor (Form 1) assists the Teacher/Adult Sponsor in determining what additional forms are required. ISEF forms must be used the any of these additional forms, and should be mailed to TCRSF along with the signed TCRSF forms.

Every project must have an original research plan. At registration time, the student has 2 options:

  1. Add a research plan summary section to the end of the original research plan. This summary should contain what changed from the original plan. If nothing changed, simple state nothing changed in the plan. The updated plan should be saved in PDF format and uploaded to the web site.
  2. A Research Plan Template is available for the students to download and complete. It contains the major topic headers and appropriate instructions regarding what belongs in each section of the research plan. It should be filled in from the original research plan. It also contains a section for changes to the original research plan. If there were none, simply state nothing changed in the plan. The template is in Microsoft Word format. After the student completes the research plan (using the included instructions), it can be saved from Word as a PDF and uploaded to the web site.

The research plan summary is not a results section. It does not contain data. It simply states what was performed differently from the original research plan. Often research plans are modified after preliminary results. This section documents what was actually done.

Appropriate SRC forms (if required), the signed authorization forms (Form 1B and Form 1D) and registrations fees made out to TCRSF (if the student has payment responsibility) are sent to TCRSF via US mail at:
13570 Grove Drive #277
Maple Grove, MN 55311

Print single-sided only on white paper. No duplex printing. No colored paper. No Staples - Paper clips only.

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